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Why you need TrollWall?

As content volume grows, manual moderation becomes overwhelming and ineffective.

Haters distract your team from engaging with loyal fans, harming your community experience.

Our AI-powered application keeps your social media toxic-free, preserving your brand's reputation seamlessly.

TrollWall simplifies community moderation while effectively guarding against toxic comments across social media platforms.
24/7 Vigilance
AI-driven TrollWall is on duty day and night to shield your social pages from trolls and scammers.
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TrollWall masters
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Streamlined Moderation
  • Automatically hide toxic and vulgar comments.
  • Enjoy full control with an easy-to-use interface for managing comments.
Advanced AI Hate Speech Detection
  • AI fine-tuned on real comments, ensuring accurate hate speech detection.
  • Identifies harmful content through word and phrase variations.
  • Human-validated data ensures reliability and precision.
Custom Keyword Detector
  • Craft your personalized blacklist of phrases to target specific content.
  • Automatically block comments or URLs with designated keywords.
Disinformation Websites Detector
Your social media page will not spread links to conspiracy-related websites.
Livestream Moderation
  • Smooth background operation, ensuring seamless protection.
  • Real-time protection ensures positive live stream experience.
Paid Ads Protection
  • Protect your paid campaigns from interference.
  • Maintain ad effectiveness and guard your marketing budgets.
Security & Privacy
GDPR compliant for data protection and privacy standards.
TrollWall requires only moderation access to Facebook, without administrative or editorial rights.
Security-focused design prioritizing user safety.
Two-factor authentication enhances account security.
IT infrastructure in EU for data residency compliance.
No personal data collected, prioritizing privacy.
Protect Your Brand's Reputation from Unwanted Content
Pricing based on the number of comments processed.
Starts at 40€ per month
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Let’s see what people are saying
Ján Král
Czech presidential campaign Petr Pavel 2023, Social media manager

“Even before General Pavel's rise in popularity, we spent 2-4 hours a day checking comments. Facebook's keyword setting system was almost non-functional and unreliable.

TrollWall freed our hands and we could focus on the discussion and not the haters. Like we had two or three other people at hand that we didn't know were doing the job, but they were doing it. And did it well and continuously.

We reviewed the results regularly and I have to say that I was surprised at how well the AI was able to learn. It was clear that AI is evaluating within the context. We really managed the campaign also thanks to TrollWall.”

Dávid Benedig
Seesame, Head of Digital Experience

“Thanks to TrollWall, our discussions are protected from hate and insults, and we don't have to worry about what we find in them. It is a new and very pleasant feeling.”

Zuzana Čaputová
Office of the President of the Slovak Republic

“TrollWall has an unbeatable advantage over human moderators: it doesn't need to sleep, go on lunches or vacations, it never gets tired, and it responds instantly 24/7.

At our work for the President Zuzana Čaputová it is a significant help. It saves time and nerves for anyone who wants to have a basic order in comments on social networks. If we don't want to be overwhelmed by troll farms or the voice of the extreme, we need to innovate, look for new approaches, test new tools and not do everything by hand.”

Filip Struhárik
Denník N, Slovakia daily newspaper

“We have been moderating the discussions on our Facebook page since Denník N was created, but it is impossible to do it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and to keep up with the flurry of comments, for example, during live video streamings.

Thanks to TrollWall, our discussions are protected from hate and insults, and we don't have to worry about what we find in them. It is a new and very pleasant feeling.”

  • CEE Digital Democracy Watch
  • civitta
  • DigiQ
  • Hopero
  • infosecurity
  • KInIT
  • Sapie
  • TechSoup

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