- leading the charge for a hate-free internet in Slovakia

The initiative is a crucial movement focused on improving civility and reducing hate speech across digital platforms in Slovakia. This initiative aims not only to reduce the amount of online hate but also to enhance the overall quality of digital conversations, ensuring that interactions stay constructive and respectful. Through active involvement of companies, institutions, NGO’s, influencers and other entities, is reshaping the landscape of digital conversations. 

Initiative founders 

Founded by TrollWall AI together with SEESAME, the #bezhejtu initiative leverages their vast experience in social media management and hate speech mitigation. SEESAME has established itself as a leader in communication strategy and digital reputation management, while TrollWall specializes in technological solutions, developing AI-driven technology to detect and filter hate speech on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.  

Why it matters 

The digital environment in Slovakia mirrors broader societal divides which often strengthen social and political polarization. This polarization sets the stage for hate speech, which damages community unity and individual happiness. The #bezhejtu initiative emphasizes the critical need to tackle these negative behaviors to positively influence our social norms and online interactions. 

Impact and outreach 

The initiative has shown significant progress, as evidenced by a significant reduction in hate speech within its network. Analysis indicates that while general social media channels in Slovakia exhibit hate speech in approximately 13% of interactions, this rate falls below 2% among initiative participants during active monitoring periods. This data underscores the effectiveness of the collaborative efforts of its members. 

Current participants 

The initiative features a diverse membership of 132 entities, including prominent companies such as Henkel, O2 Slovakia, SCHELL Slovakia, Telekom SK, Allianz, and Tatra Banka, as well as media organizations like Denník N and Trnavské rádio. It also includes influential institutions like the Goethe-Institut Slovensko, Greenpeace, various Slovak cities (including: Bratislava and Košice), public institutions (like President Office of Slovakia), and sports clubs (FC ViOn Zlaté Moravce), demonstrating a widespread commitment to fostering a respectful online environment. 

Community engagement and tools is an inclusive campaign that welcomes anyone committed to enhancing the quality of digital dialogue. Participants agree to adhere to guidelines that promote tolerance and safety online. The initiative also provides members with communication and promotional tools to help spread awareness and encourage broader participation in the movement. 


By participating in, individuals, and organizations have the opportunity to actively contribute to a more inclusive and respectful online community in Slovakia. The initiative aligns its members with values that promote decency and respect, promoting digital literac,y and contributing to a safer d. 

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